New. CROCUS 43.1m 2021 Turkey

Тип яхты: Моторные

Параметры яхты

  • Цена яхты:€ 19 000 000
  • Длина, м:43.1
    Длина в метрах - обычно имеется в виду L.O.A. (Length Overall), длина судна от заднего края кормы до носа (без бушприта и т.п.)
  • Ширина, м:8.7
  • Кают:6
    Имеется в виду количество кают для гостей, без учета экипажа (кроме самых маленьких яхт).
  • Кол-во гостей:12
  • Год постройки:2021
  • Экипаж, чел:7
    Количество членов экипажа, включая капитана
    Производитель судна (builder)
  • Локация:Istanbul, Turkey
  • Корпус:Aluminium
    Материал, из которого сделан корпус судна
  • Двигатель:3532 kW (4800 BHP total)
  • ID яхты:0474
    Номер в базе данных Дельсаль Яхты
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New build 43m aluminium motor yacht CROCUS for sale. Turkey.

delivery time Aug. 2021!

Entirely made of Aluminium hull.

The Yacht is a twin screw, semi-displacement type, ocean going Yacht with flared bow and a transom stern.

Construction is to be of welded aluminium with five watertight compartments so as to meet relevant IMO’s requirements for one compartment status with regard to flooding and damaged stability.

The Yacht has four decks and a transom stern platform.

The design of the Yacht as drawn in the General Arrangement Plan and described in this technical specification is executed by :

Hotlab design/Italy.

The following dimensions have been derived from the preliminary design stage. It is acknowledged that some of these may change as a result of design development. All draught and height measurements relate to half load condition.

Length over all: approx. 43.1 m
Length on waterline: approx. 34.37 m
Moulded breadth: approx. 8.67 m
Maximum breadth: approx. 8.67 m
Breadth at waterline: approx. 7.50 m
Depth moulded to Main deck: approx. 4.28 m
Draught 1/2 Load: approx. 1.88 m
Height above DWL (Air draught): approx. 15.28 m
Displacement, full load: approx. 256 t

Displacement, half load: approx. 231 t

Displacement, lightship: approx. 206 t

This technical specification is written in accordance with the arrangement as drawn in General Arrangement Drawing nr. 724 and 725 with revision21 dated April,2021.

As per the arrangement drawings, the Yacht shall be designed and outfitted to accommodate at all times the following complement:

Owner’s & Guests Party:

Space description:



1 x Owner’s Suite, Main Deck:

One king size berth

2 persons

5 x Guest’s Staterooms:

Four queen size berths and two single berths

10 persons


12 persons

Captain and Crew:

Space description:



1 x Captain’s Cabin, Lower Deck:

One double berth

1 persons

3 x Crew’s cabins, Lower Deck:

Six single berths

6 persons


7 persons

Total complement: 19 persons

Lifesaving appliances shall be supplied and fitted for the above complement for international voyages plus an additional party of 10 day-guests for coastal cruising.

It is envisaged that the Yacht will be cruising for long periods of time with Owner and guests on board, predominantly in warm and tropical waters.

Regular and frequent positional ocean passages will be made with no guests on board.

Due to the intensive cruising program and frequent positional ocean passages, time for regular maintenance and dry-docking will be limited hence, emphasis should be put on maintenance friendly and reliable systems and equipment.

The Yacht shall be designed and built to the Luxury Yacht Standart (LYS) exterior and luxury Yacht standard (LYS) for the inside in all respects, not only surface finishes. Reference is made to chapter 4.LYS will cover exterior painting, fore deck anchor- and mooring equipment ,teak decking and exterior equipment, benches, tables etc.

It is intended that the Yacht provides the highest level of comfort in all sea conditions and that it shall be able to be put to sea safely on an even keel under the various loading conditions.

The hull form is to be of the semi-round bilge with chine,semi displacement type form with a bulbous bow, a transom stern and a raked keel and is to be optimised with due regard to the following parameters:

• Displacement requirements

• Sea keeping

• Speed requirements & fuel efficiency

• Aesthetics

The hull lines shall have adequate flare forward to prevent excessive spray and deck wetness in a seaway.

Propulsion System

Diesel Mechanical Propulsion System:

Appropriate main and auxiliary machinery shall be provided to achieve the speed & range requirements, as specified in section 2.13.

It is envisaged that the Yacht be fitted with a twin screw propulsion arrangement consisting of two four stroked turbo charged, after cooled marine diesel engines. Preliminary calculations indicate a total brake power requirement of approximately 3532 kW (4800 BHP total) to achieve the specified performance criteria as defined in section 2.13

The power is to be transmitted through low noise reduction gears and shaft lines to fixed pitch propellers. Preliminary calculations indicate that two propellers of approximately 1350 mm diameter turning at 980 RPM

(maximum tip speed 30 m/sec) can absorb the delivered power. Propellers are to be manufactured in Ni-Al-Bronze and to be of a low noise design with skewed blades. Number of blades (five) and exact characteristics to be determined by the Naval Architect in cooperation with the propeller manufacturer(RADİCE Elice) with due regard to minimise vibration and noise levels in the aft ship.

Steering is to be achieved by two normal plate rudders. Steering gear(DDS 2X550 ESC-DATA Hydraulic) to be of the hydraulic double cylinder type.


The final capacities of fuel oil-, fresh water-, sea water ballast-, holding-, lube oil-, hydraulic oil- and sludge water tanks capacities are:

Fuel Oil: 56.000 liters

Lubricating Oil: 800 liters

Fresh Water: 10900 liters


Black water:2200 liters

Grey water: 8800 liters

Hydraulic Oil: 300 iters

SW Ballast: 0

Sludge Water: 500 liters

Speed & Range

Sustained cruising speed shall not be less than 14 knots at 70% maximum continuous rating at half load displacement at sea trial conditions. For environmental conditions during sea trials, see Section 6.4.3.

The range of the Yacht shall be 4000 nautical miles with 10% consumable left on arrival. This is based on an average speed of 11-12 knots including a 15 % weather allowance. (Resistance augmentation)

International Rules & Regulations

The following international Rules & Regulations (as far as applicable) shall govern the design and construction of the Yacht:

• SOLAS 1974 with the latest Amendments (min. 1990/1991 Amendments) as far as applicable.

• Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) Code of Practice For The Safety Of Large Commercial Sailing & Motor Yachts

• COLREG with the latest Amendments

• International Telecommunication and Radio Regulations with the latest Amendments

• MARPOL with the latest Amendments

• Any other Regulation that may come into force and be applicable prior to entering an agreement with the Contractor.

• US Oil Pollution Act 90 (SOPEP)

Classification Society

The Yacht, its components, equipment, outfit and machinery shall, to the extent it is required within the class notations, be built according to and under the supervision of the Classification Society.

Choice of Classification Society

The Classification Society retained by the Owner is R.I.N.A ITALY

Class Notations

The Yacht is to be designed and built to and complies to the hull certificate with the following Class Notations: C  HULL ● MACH “Ych” Short Range

Classification symbols shall be stamped and recorded as required once the Yacht is found to comply with the above Class Notations.