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10 Days of Paradise in Fiji

10 Days of Paradise in Fiji

Nearly 2,000 miles from Sydney, Australia, Fiji consists of over 330 islands and islets dotting the peaceful South Pacific Ocean. The two main inhabited islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, both of which are mountainous—with peaks up to 5,000 feet—and covered in lush tropical forests. Off the northwest coast of Viti Levu are the Yasawa Islands, a volcanic chain known for pristine tropical white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and picturesque views.
Fijian culture is a rich mosaic of indigenous, Indian, Chinese and European traditions, which culminate in a language, food, artistry and music that is unique to Fiji. Port Denaru is the ideal place to start your Fijian charter, as it is located only 15 minutes from the Nadi International Airport. However, to experience the true nature and generous hospitality of the Fijian people, a voyage to the outer islands is essential. Here, in this largely unspoiled enclave, you can swim with manta rays and dive with sharks in your own private island paradise.

Port Denarau Marina to Waya Island

Arrive at Nadi International Airport on Denarau Island and transfer to Belle Aimée at Port Denarau Marina. A welcome cocktail sets the tone as you are immediately underway to the private, deserted island of Vomo Lailai, for an afternoon of snorkeling in the clear aqua water that makes Fiji such a sought-after destination.
After a light lunch on the covered aft deck, you're underway again, enroute to the island of Waya for more snorkeling and swimming at the Octopus Resort, whose golden sand beach has been rated one of the best in the world. The afternoon can be spent relaxing on the beach, snorkeling or diving the self-protected marine reserve, or hiking to the nearby local village of Nalauwaki.
Alternatively, after dropping anchor in Yalobi Bay for the evening, tender ashore to visit Namara village and present your kava root to the village chief in a traditional Sevu Sevu ceremony. In Fiji, the kava ceremony is an important element to visiting any new village, and it is customary for visitors to present a gift of Yaqona (kava root) to the chief or village leader. Your crew will advise you of the proper etiquette for the kava ceremony and, after several sips of this very mild narcotic, the two "families" (the guests and the villagers) are joined and the celebration of song and dance begins.

Waya Island to Nanuya Lailai

Back onboard Belle Aimée, after a delightful breakfast featuring traditional Fijian favorites such as lemon leaf tea with papaya, watermelon, bananas and pineapple, head up to the sun deck to enjoy the scenery as the yacht departs for the famed Blue Lagoon islands.
A variety of spectacular dive spots can be visited along the way, including Cabbage Patch, the nearly 500-year-old coral formation that looks like a large underwater garden.
The Blue Lagoon Island (or Nanuya Lailai) is not only the setting for the popular movie of the same name, but offers a variety of options for the afternoon, from relaxing on the white sand beach to hiking, kayaking, fish feeding, swimming or diving. That evening, return to Belle Aimée for dinner onboard, or tender to the tip of the island to visit the tiny Nanuya resort and enjoy dinner at its romantic restaurant nestled among the coconut palms.

DAYS 3–4
Nanuya Lailai to Yawini Island

After breakfast and a refreshing morning swim, retire to the covered upper deck while Belle Aimée draws anchor and departs for Yawini Island, a picturesque ocean oasis situated at the top of the Yasawa island chain.
Yasawa is the sunniest and driest part of Fiji, which nearly guarantees spectacularly comfortable conditions and ideal water temperatures. At low tide, a sand bar connecting Yawini with its southern neighbor, Yasawa I Rara, appears, presenting a bridge between the two or a quiet spot for relaxation.
In the afternoon, visit Yasawa I Rara for a traditional Meke (Fijian dance show) and peruse the shell and handicraft market. That evening, enjoy a viewing of the movie, The Blue Lagoon under the stars on Belle Aimée's sun deck. The following morning, guests can break off to enjoy various activities, some departing to dive the black rock wall while others head out to fish the islets north of Yawini Island. Those preferring a more leisurely pace can swim or snorkel the pass and stroll along the stunning beaches.
Reconvene aboard Belle Aimée late in the afternoon for cocktail hour to recount the day's adventures amidst yet another stunning sunset.

Yawini Island to Liku Beach at Narawa Bay

After a leisurely morning, Belle Aimée moves the short distance to Narawa Bay for a day at Likuliku lagoon, with its breathtaking beach that is home to one of the world's best snorkel sites.
The day is spent swimming, relaxing and enjoying Belle Aimée's water toys. As the golden hour approaches, your crew prepares a gourmet beach picnic dinner under the stars.

Vawa and Yasawa Islands

Visit the deserted Naqelenivonu beach for a morning of swimming, snorkeling or exploration, then tender to the larger Yasawa Island for lunch at the romantic Yasawa Island Resort & Spa, which is the only commercial development on the quiet, 13-mile long stretch.
That afternoon, anchor off the tiny Vawa Island and cozy up under the stars for popcorn and movie night with a showing of The Castaway.

Vawa Island to Blue Lagoon

Today, the deserted Vawa Island is your private paradise. Spend the day snorkeling or collecting shells on the beaches to analyze later in Belle Aimée's wet lab. Divers will enjoy the Vawa patches and underwater cliff, which is suitable for novice divers.
After lunch, settle into the settees on the sun deck as Belle Aimée departs for Sava i Lau, to visit the underwater caves featured in the movie The Blue Lagoon. Swim in the crystal clear lagoon or, if you're feeling adventurous, explore the underwater caves. A guide will show you how to dip under the ledge and into the caves, the first of which is lit with natural light, but you'll need a flashlight for the second cave.

Explore the Blue Lagoon

Back at the Blue Lagoon anchorage, set out for a dive at one of a variety of spectacular sites, among the best in the "Soft Coral Capital of the World." This is a good place to hire a local dive guide to take you to some of the more remote dive spots.
That evening, your crew will arrange for a Lovo (traditional cooking method on rocks buried in the ground) and Meke on the beach at Otto and Fanny's Place on nearby Tavewa Island.

Naviti Island

Today, Belle Aimée embarks early for the small volcanic island of Naviti, passing through the scenic channels between the three islands to the south of Naviti. Here you will tender ashore for a half-hour hike to Soveti and Clara's place. This lovely couple reside in a gorgeous beachside bure (wood and straw hut), and guests are welcomed like family. You will bring tea, rice and flour instead of kava here, and at low tide a swim and snorkel to a nearby plane wreck yields delightful underwater discoveries.
Savor stories, singing and music as the afternoon wanes and return to Belle Aimée for dinner on the upper deck.

DAY 10
South Naviti to Waya

Today is spent visiting the manta reefs of the Nanuya Balavu area and exploring the small bays, including Vuata Bay with Belle Aimée's water toys. 
The southern tip of this island is a favorite feeding ground for these docile, plankton-eating creatures, and they can be seen daily from May to September. 
Enjoy a relaxing lunch on the main aft deck while reading up on the undersea life encountered during your visit. Belle Aimée gets underway in the afternoon, bound for Waya and your return to Port Denarau.                                                                                                                                                        Send email-message