Professional crews of super yachts were armed with express tests on COVID-19.


   The rental industry of super and mega yachts chartering is actively preparing for the upcoming summer season, professionally minimizing the risks associated with the spread of COVID - 19.

In the current situation with the spread of COVID-19, yachts and brokers take all measures to ensure that all charter contracts can be fulfilled. This is a huge amount of work, including changing contracts in terms of canceling reservations without penalties, and sanitation regulations for ships, and testing crews, and a new order of behavior for people on board, and the algorithm for working in marinas and ports, and many others. another.

   Among other things, now, professional crews of super yachts with an employee with a valid certificate of medical assistance at sea (STCW, section A - V1 / 4) will receive professional rapid tests for antibodies to COVID-19. The COVID-19 rapid test determines the body's response to coronavirus after the onset of infection and gives a qualitative yes / no result within 10 minutes. The introduction of rapid screening on COVID-19 has huge savings in time and money compared to laboratory screening and will help control the spread of the virus by quickly and accurately detecting infection. The test kit is easy to use, it requires only a finger prick sample, very similar to a blood glucose test.

   The danger to ships, including superyachts, is obvious, since the crew and passengers live in close proximity. It is imperative that all vessels conduct a comprehensive risk assessment and implement procedures to deal with this threat. The COVID-19 test suite is an invaluable tool for developing risk management policies.

   Of course, the rapid antibody test does not in itself give 100% confidence in eliminating the risk of infection, but as one of the tools in the whole complex of measures to minimize risks, it is extremely useful. As you can see, the super yacht rental industry is very seriously and professionally responding to the threat that has arisen and the measures taken inspire confidence that the season will nevertheless take place!

   Delesalle Yachts carefully monitors what is happening on the market, what measures are being taken on ships to ensure the safety of guests, what decisions are made by local authorities. Already now we are ready to offer our customers proven yachts and optimized routes available for booking. In most cases, with the possibility of cancellation without penalties. Even if not all borders are open, we can arrange for our clients private planes for individual flights on routes that will be opened first.

   So for example (so far according to officially unconfirmed information), Greece may allow access to the sea for yachts from May 15. Borders by this time may still be closed, but for customers located in Greece - this is already a great opportunity.


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