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Welcome to the website of yacht broker Delesalle Yachts! Our skilled specialists has been working in this premium segment of crewed charter - luxury yacht charter since 2002. On this web site you can find a good choice of prestigious superyachts and megayahts - i.e. luxury yachts over 20-30 m in length - up to 168м, and number of guests from 6-12 to 200 (including gigayachts, over 67m) which are officially offered for yacht charter (rental) worldwide. However, in our website catalogue (for obvious reasons – please see below) we published only a part of the yachts from our portfolio containing all superyachts of the world including the most famous and expensive available for charter all over the world - there are about 3,000 of them! Our experts went on board many of the yachts personally and on some of them more than once — we monitor the current condition and renovation of the yachts both at annual professional exhibitions and in their home marinas. Since not all yachts are present on the website, you can make an online luxury yacht charter enquiry. Do you intend to rent really expensive yacht? It is possible to choose, order and charter any large luxury yacht with a crew through certified international yacht broker Delesalle Yachts, specialized in luxury yacht chartering and organizing a yacht charter in any area of ​​the world.

We offer you the most popular routes and locations as well as those tailored specifically to your requirements in the charter - both in the Eastern and Western Mediterranean and in the distant seas and oceans -  around the Caribbean, Bahamas, Maldives, Southeast Asia, etc. Among the most popular destinations for megayachts charter are Monaco and  Cote d'Azur, France — Cannes, Nice, Antibes, Saint-Tropez, and, of course, Corsica; Greece - islands of the Aegean, Ionian and other seas: Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Kos, Rhodes, Corfu and others; Croatia (Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, islands); Montenegro (Tivat, Kotor Bay - and not only); Turkey and the islands; Spain (mainland, Puerto Banus, Balearic Islands - Ibiza, Mallorca); Italy (Forte dei Marmi, Portofino, Sardinia); South East Asia - Thailand and Myanmar, Indonesia and Singapore; Caribbean countries (Antigua, BVI, Saint Martin, Bahamas, etc); USA (Florida, New England); the Pacific Ocean - French Polynesian Islands, Australia, Ecuador – Galapagos islands, and many others - including such exotic destinations for luxury yachting like Antarctica and Alaska on multifunctional expedition or explorer yachts including icebreaker yachts (such as LEGEND, LA DACHA, CLOUDBREAK etc)!

Today it is quite possible to make a round-the-world trip on a private sea-going superyacht  combining a high level of comfort and unsurpassed technical equipment, if only your budget would allow this. Among the yachts that can be booked through a professional broker Delesalle Yachts are all the largest and most expensive yachts of the world available for charter including world-famous, like far-famed 88m sailing yacht "Maltese Falcon", mini-cruiser Dream (106m, 36 guests), modern MY Bold 85m, legendary Onassis's yacht "CHRISTINA O", Elisabeth Tailor's vintage yacht  "KALIZMA" (built 1906) etc. There is a current selection of attractive offers for sale on our website too. Please enter our catalogue of yachts for selecting and viewing descriptions by pressing the orange key "search for yachts".

Attention! Basic information about many yachts at the request of their owners and managers is closed for public access and is available only for our clients and partners.   For more details please see the section Registration / Personal Account.

Sea travelling on a yacht has always been considered one of the most prestigious and fascinating types of recreation, especially if we mean not classic sports yachts for active recreational activities which you can sail all alone and charter without skipper (bareboat charter) but large comfortable modern ships more than 20-30 m long serviced by a professional crew, from captain and cook to flight attendant and sailor (crewed charter). The well-off people, of course, can afford buying themselves a luxury yacht. And our company provides assistance in purchasing high-end yachts - a wide selection of current offers is presented in the ‘Yachts For Sale’ section, and this is only a part of the lots - we will make a selection of yachts for sale upon request and also help with registration and other issues - from recruiting yacht crews to managing and financing. At the same time the purchase of a luxury motor yacht, its year-round parking costs, crew costs and maintenance may result in a considerable sum that only few can afford, whereby you are always limited to one and the same vessel with unvaried interiors and capabilities and as a rule to only one water area - and you are longing for diversity! That is why megayachts charting is extremely popular today, especially outside our homeland. When going abroad the vast majority of well-to-do people who are real experts in making luxurious and comfortable holidays prefer to charter a yacht with a crew (luxury crewed charter).


 Yacht charter could give you freedom! To change yachts and sailing places like changing hotels and countries - one can only dream of it.  Go beyond boundaries.   Choose between seas and oceans, countries and islands that you would like to visit when planning your future trip. The variety of marinas and routes offered for yacht charter is large: from top destinations in Europe such as the French Riviera, Italy and the entire Western Mediterranean, as well as Greece, Turkey, Croatia in the Eastern Mediterranean to the islands of the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean, the Red Sea, Australia etc. However, even such exotic regions as Alaska or Antarctica become accessible for extreme travelers when they are on explorer yachts... Сozy cabins that have everything you need for a comfortable stay with a wide range of onboard services and, of course, a crew seeking to fulfill any possible wishes will always be at your disposal.


Yachting is a world of boundless sea travel under the sun helping to discover new countries, beaches and islands with unique landscapes, meet people and experience unmatched feelings. Therefore, chartering a yacht means much more than just touring that is so familiar to almost everyone. After all, the whole world is drifting past you and everything that seems interesting is at your disposal.

And luxury yachting, in the form of chartering a large yacht (superyacht) with a crew (crewed charter) is the same but with comfort and service, for someone it’s an element of prestige, because it means already life style and luxury.

Travelling on a deluxe or premium class yacht has special advantages provided by a combination of comfort, service and excellent food - as when staying at a five-star hotel that is moving around the world leaving behind pleasant and lasting impressions, without tiring flights and ground transfers. Every day you can arrive at a new place without repacking your baggage and worrying about transport schedules unless, of course, you are not attracted by the beauty and serenity of nature at the previous mooring place of your floating home, or unless the whirlwind of entertainment on this hospitable shore totally infatuates you!