Luxury yacht request - crewed charter

Welcome to the website of Delesalle Yachts! You can make a free request or order a yacht charter here by filling out a short form below, in Russian or English. The number of superyachts we work with has already exceeded 3000. Therefore, we will be able to match the ideal ship for you!

We will reply to you if contact details are entered correctly (attention!) and we will try to do it within 48 hours.

Also you can make an oral and urgent request by calling or messaging to cell/hotline +7 925 900 500 3 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram) 

For preliminary selection of the yacht we suggest you to use OUR CATALOG on the site. But, unfortunately, not all yachts are allowed to public display. Please fill in all the most important and priority parameters for you, unprincipled or not yet defined positions can be left blank, other wishes, comments and questions - in the comments; all fields have a free format.