Indian Ocean

Indian ocean

The most popular destinations for yacht rental: Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius, Madagascar.

New Year and Christmas in Maldives on board superyacht. Season 2022-2023

There are everything for a perfect holiday on a rented yacht around the Islands of the Indian ocean: crystal clear ocean water, naturally fresh and beautiful nature. While cruising on a yacht is like drowning in a different, beautiful and serene world, a world of fairy tales and infinite purity.
We invite you on an unforgettable journey, take a yacht to rent, possibly in combination with a stay in a hotel on the beach, choose your own route or consider recommended to you by your broker, Delesalle Yachts. The nature of the spreaded across a huge archipelago of Maldives and Seychelles tropical Islands has a relaxed rest.
The Maldives is renowned for its atolls resorts, each of which is its own unique world, surrounded by pristine coral beaches and incredible blue sea. The yacht charter in the Maldives will open you a completely different world of the archipelago – a place "on the edge of the world", there are no noise of cities and the annoying signs of civilization here, but the exotic nature and the endless expanse of ocean only.
Yacht Charter will change any event – the corporate one, a party with friends, a family trip can turn into an unforgettable journey. The perfect gift for newlyweds - honeymoon on board the motor yacht will be the brightest gift to a young family.

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Examples of popular routes in the Indian ocean