Italy postpones tightening of VAT rules for charters until November!

On July 17th -unexpectedly and with a huge delay – the Italian Government decided to postpone the entering in force of the new Italian Vat law to November 1st thanks to the “Simplification Decree”N. 76/2020 published on the Official Gazette (Gazzetta Ufficiale, Serie Generale N. 178 del 16/07/2020, Suppl. Ordinario N. 24), entered into force on July 17th 2020 in which the word “April” – contained in subparagraph 726 of Law 27/12/2019 N. 160 – has been replaced by the word “November”).

This decision follows the French Government’s one in order to revitalize the yachting industry after the recent emergency of COVID-19 pandemic.

All above said, contrarily to what you read in the text at pages 9 & 10 and 54 & 55 about chartering in Italy during summer season 2020, Italian charters including cruising outside the European Union territory, can still benefit of the “old” VAT scheme of lump sum VAT reduction

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