Fort Lauderdale. OCEAN ALEXANDER 35R takes home best of show


The Ocean Alexander 35R received the Best of Show award by NBC Sports at the 62nd Annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS). 

The Best of Show award is given to innovative debut boat models on display at FLIBS that embody a variety of elements, including performance, design, technology, and architecture.

The Ocean Alexander 35R measures close to 116 feet and is part of the brand’s Revolution series. This model shares some characteristics with other Ocean Alexander yachts from the Legend series, offering a true “quad deck” design, a flybridge deck, the most expensive beach club layout, and a huge forward Portuguese lounging and sunbed area.

FLIBS and the Best of Show award presentation will be featured on its own 1-hour special to showcase the largest in-water boat show and some of the latest vessels leading the way in innovative design. Commentated by Townsend Bell, Leigh Diffey, and Kristen Beat, the show will air on Sunday, October 31st at 10 pm EST on NBC Sports.


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